Deployment projects

An implementation that is carried out effectively and professionally will not affect business continuity

Implementation is a set of many activities aimed at the development, modification or introduction of completely new systems in the company. Currently, one of the major challenges when launching new solutions is their integration with other systems operating in the organisation. Moreover, we cannot imagine a successful implementation without ensuring business continuity.

Since the company was founded, we have carried out several hundred implementations of various types of platforms, both hardware and software.

Depending on its scope, we prepare each implementation differently, but usually it comprises the following activities and elements:

  • pre-implementation analysis
  • necessary documentation
  • work schedule
  • equipment delivery along with software and licenses
  • data or system migration
  • installation, configuration and integration activities
  • training
  • acceptance tests
  • putting the system into operation
  • support in the first days of work
  • technical support and maintenance

We attach great importance to determining customer needs, which is why our analyses are so crucial to the success of the entire implementation process.

The pre-implementation audit is often accompanied by a business analysis aimed at developing a perfectly matched set of functionalities and configurations.

We are flexible and when working on IT projects we monitor the changing conditions and we manage change throughout the entire process. We are aware that sticking to the assumptions adopted at the start of the project is not always possible.

Our specialists guide the client through the implementation process in such a way that its course is transparent and understandable.

Thanks to our experience and qualifications, the work will be carried out efficiently and effectively. User satisfaction and the end result are our priority.

Our consultants have a number of certificates and qualifications required to carry out works, including electrical installations or working at heights. We provide them with the necessary knowledge and work tools because we know they perform very important tasks for our clients.