Maintenance and Support

Our systems are so reliable that they will help you to focus on development and the future

We know better than anyone how to maintain information and communication systems. We have provided information and communication systems maintenance services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ever since our company was founded. We provide maintenance and technical support services for solutions we implemented and also for solutions implemented by other companies.

As regards hardware solutions, we mainly reconfigure, repair or replace devices. In our headquarters we have rooms for testing devices, a replacement equipment warehouse and special environments to diagnose malfunctions.

As regards software, we provide maintenance services with the additional option of access to patches and upgrades as well as technical support in the form of consultations with specialists. User feedback is of utmost importance.

We provide maintenance services directly on client’s premises or remotely via secure connections. We take care to inform our clients about the current status of their maintenance order at any given stage of the process. All this to ensure the highest quality of our services.