SORT Premium System

SORT Premium System

This tested and well-known BSS/OSS tool on the CTV/ISP market dedicated to multimedia and telecommunications operators comprehensively supports business processes and is an essential work tool. The system contains many functional modules ensuring comprehensive customer retention from sales to the physically operating service.


Main features of the system:

  • modular construction and the possibility of personalisation,
  • multi-user service that can be operated by several companies,
  • flexible licensing,
  • efficient Oracle database,
  • adaptation to the operator’s needs during implementation,
  • cooperation with external systems and platforms,
  • full support for the TERYT register (National Official Register of Territorial Division in Poland),
  • extensive authorisation and log system ensuring accountability,
  • data collection with record keeping.

Main components and functionalities

CRM module:

  • customer database including declarations,
  • service contracts, annexes,
  • document template editor,
  • price lists, promotions, packages, discounts,
  • invoicing and distribution of invoices,
  • settlement of receivables and balances,
  • payment processing (cash, bank transfers, on-line transfers),
  • support in debt recovery processes,
  • handling complaints,
  • electronic document archive,
  • automatic distribution of information (e-mail, SMS, voice connection, TV screen),
  • distribution of system internal messages,
  • Electronic Customer Service Centre with the option of service management,
  • Uniform Control Files, GDPR.

Technical department support, logistics:

  • technical support orders and management of technicians’ work,
  • mobile application for people working in the field – SORTech,
  • broad set of device parameters,
  • equipment records,
  • serial device input,
  • multiple warehouse support.

Generating and sending reports:

  • an extended reporting module with predefined standard reports,
  • creating custom reports using SQL,
  • tables and reports in printable versions,
  • saving reports to files in different formats,
  • sending reports automatically by e-mail,
  • SIIS (Information System on Broadband Infrastructure) reporting support – integration with the ARNIS system.

Support for fixed and mobile telephony:

  • call detail record (CDR) import and mediation,
  • settlement of voice calls, SMS, MMS, data transmission,
  • minutes and data packages, discounts,
  • special and roaming price lists,
  • numbering ranges,
  • telephone limits,
  • cooperation with PLI-CBD2 (the Polish Localization and Information Platform with the Central Database) regarding number portability (FNP, MNP),
  • inter-operator settlements.

Provisioning of services, control and monitoring of devices, inter-system cooperation:

  • VoIP landline phone systems,
  • mobile telephone systems: MVNO,
  • GPON systems,
  • HFC cable modems,
  • radio equipment,
  • CONAX digital television,
  • IPTV,
  • TV GO, multiscreen, VOD, hotspot systems,
  • management of G DATA software subscriptions,
  • mail server control.


SORT Premium is a mature tool that enables the operator’s employees to perform all their daily duties in one system. Many years of experience have enabled us to develop a stable and scalable solution to satisfy even large operators.