Uninterruptible power supply


They guarantee a safe and reliable power supply from 0.8 kVA to 800 kVA. Online double conversion devices controlled by digital signal processors enable the user to control as well as measure and correct the power factor at any given point in time. They work in transformer-free technology which makes them generate high energy quality and maintain efficiency of up to 96%. They have a clear display that facilitates UPS management.
Available as: RACK 19″| Tower

The modularity of the power supplies enables optimal power selection with possible expansion at a later time. They are built using double conversion technology (VFI) and consist of standard modules that can be added to an existing installation to increase power or extend backup time. An additional advantage of the modules is their tool-free installation which leads to maximum redundancy with low maintenance costs. If one of the modules fails, the remaining modules ensure power continuity.

Due to their small dimensions, UPS Line Interactive UPSs of up to 3 kVA can be used to power PC workstations and other office devices such as printers and scanners. These UPSs are typical Plug & Play devices which makes them easy to install and start. They come equipped with an electronic stabiliser, status diodes and a telecommunication line protection.

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