Information distribution


The VOCATEL information distribution system is a complex tool supporting internal and external communication in the organisation. Equipped with an innovative mechanism for creating scenarios, it enables the implementation of complex notification actions in a very simple and friendly way. It enables the delivery of various messages to multiple users through the most popular communication channels (SMS, e-mail, Voice). Thanks to the infrastructure installed in-house, the system meets all information security standards, while notifications by SMS and other channels are sent efficiently, quickly and without disruption.


At the core of system design lie user-defined notification scenarios. The SDI VOCATEL architecture enables defining not only any number of scenarios but also many recipient groups. Each recipient can be assigned a preferred method of communication: a primary communication channel and a backup channel. It is possible to integrate the system with your in-house IT infrastructure to gain additional functionalities, such as sound signalling and optical signalling, alarm sirens, display boards, etc. In addition, there is the possibility of integration with alarm and fire systems operating in industrial and public facilities.

The system has been designed to meet the requirements of the Regulation of the Polish Minister of Energy issued on 26 November 2016. SMS notifications and integration with other systems ensure functional coherence to facilitate business operation at all levels.



  • Automation and acceleration of the notification process for a specific group of people while minimising the costs of notification actions,
  • A wide range of communication channels (SMS, PHONE, EMAIL, FAX),
  • A two-way exchange of information enabling interaction with the message recipient (e.g. conducting a poll, setting up a crisis management team with confirmation of arrival),
  • Running scenarios activated manually or using authorised SMS messages “at the push of a button”. As a result, information is sent to any number of recipients without undue delay and with a minimum of effort from the operator;
  • The possibility of running an automatic scenario after detecting change in the level of a predefined factor (sensor) or after a previously implemented scenario,
  • The built-in speech synthesiser allows messages to be transmitted using voice and traditional telephony services, ensuring that information reaches everyone without the SMS-specific constraints,
  • The registration panel makes it easy to add new clients to the system along with their location.